Introducing Dymax 9014, Room‐Temperature‐Stable Encapsulant and Wire Bonding Material

Features Secondary Moisture Cure for Shadow Areas on PCBs


Dymax Corporation, a leading manufacturer of rapid curing materials and equipment, introduces the newest product in its encapsulant portfolio, Dymax 9014, a dual‐cure formulation, that first cures using UV light and then secondarily with a moisture cure for shadow areas on printed circuit boards.

Curing in seconds upon exposure to UV light energy, 9014 increases manufacturing efficiency because assembled parts can quickly move to the next step in production. This new formulation is also room-temperature stable, eliminating the need for cold-shipping and storage.

For manufacturers involved with chip‐on‐board, chip‐on‐flex, chip‐on‐glass, and wire bonding assembly, this material
features excellent flexibility and increased durability and resistance on boards. 9014 also provides good moisture and corrosion protection of critical components found in electronic applications such as electric vehicle battery management systems. Recommended surfaces include Kapton, glass, and FR4.

If you are interested in seeing a live demonstration of this product, Dymax will be exhibiting at The Battery Show 2019 in Novi, MI, at the Suburban Collection Showcase, booth 2245, September 10-12th. Technical experts will be on hand to answer all your questions.

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