Protect Light-Sensitive Adhesives from Curing in Dispensers

Prevent Unwanted Adhesive Polyermization During Dispense

Unfortunately, manufacturing facilities that use standard fluorescent lighting sometimes have a problem with the polymerization of UV/Visible light-curable adhesives in dispenser tips and lines. The chemistry of these products makes them very sensitive to light, so extra measures must be taken to ensure that unwanted polymerization does not occur.

To prevent this problem, manufacturers should shield needle tips and lines from light exposure. Incorporating lines that are black, opaque, polyethylene plastic will completely block light from the adhesive and eliminate the chances of unwanted polymerization. Dymax provides light-blocking materials for syringe needle tips. If these measures are insufficient and a process can’t be shielded through use of light-blocking materials, the fluorescent lamps in the facility could be retrofitted for existing incandescent and fluorescent fixtures.

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