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Conformal Coating Approvals & Standards

Conformal coatings used to protect critical PCB components that are exposed to extreme environmental conditions must meet or pass many standards and approvals.

October 18,2022

The Advantages of Using Conformal Coatings

There are numerous benefits associated with using conformal coatings to protect PCB electronics and a wide range of applications they are used in.

October 04,2022

Unique Light-Cure Conformal Coatings

For PCB applications where the typical protection that light-cure conformal coatings offer isn't enough, there are unique technologies to address issues like shadow curing.

September 27,2022

The Different Types of Conformal Coatings

The Various Kinds of Conformal Coatings and the Pros and Cons of Each One

September 13,2022

See-Cure Technology for Easy Visual Inspection & Cure Confirmation

See-Cure technology provides easy visual confirmation of material placement and post-cure inspection.

September 07,2022

Conformal Coatings & Five Reasons to Use Them

Conformal Coatings Protect Printed Circuit Boards from Harsh Environments

August 30,2022

Fluorescing Technology: A Visible Solution to Quality Inspection

Manufacturers using adhesives to join their parts together may want to utilize fluorescing formulations for visual quality inspection of bond lines and material coverage.

June 09,2022

The Importance of Formulating Adhesives Without IBOA for Medical Wearables

As medical wearable devices become mainstream, the more critical it becomes for components that come in contact with skin be free of potential irritants.

April 29,2022

3 Types of Light-Curing Systems that Require Process Validation

A successful light-curing process relies on the system's light intensity not degrading or falling out of range.

April 13,2022

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