Introducing MD® 250-CTH Cationic Epoxy for Medical Device Assembly

Dymax Corporation expands its range of MD Medical Device Adhesives with the introduction of MD 250-CTH, a new cationic epoxy.

Dymax Corporation expands its range of MD® Medical Device Adhesives with the introduction of MD® 250-CTH, a new cationic epoxy. It's formulated for manufacturers that require extremely low shrinkage for lens alignment and cementing of endoscope/microscope lenses, as well as for the positioning of camera/light modules within endoscope assemblies. The semi-opaque off-white color of the material provides some light-blocking functionality for use around lighted camera components. The product's high modulus and durometer offer better stiffness and resistance to deformation that may interfere with positioning.

MD® 250-CTH is fully curable with broad-spectrum UV/Visible light at 365 nm, 385 nm, or 405 nm, and/or with heat at 80-85°C to enable low-temperature heat-cure in 20-35 minutes, compared to standard acrylated urethane heat-cure for 60 minutes at 110°C. The same cured physical properties are achievable when using light-cure, light, and heat, or only heat. Dymax MD® 250-CTH heat-only curing functionality is ideal for ensuring complete cure in true dark-shadow areas.

The epoxy has high bond strength to a variety of substrates including plastics, FR-4, and glass. MD® 250-CTH features lower water absorption for improved performance in accelerated aging and real-time storage conditions in high-heat, humid environments.

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