Reversing Adhesive Crystallization

Reversing Adhesive Crystalization

How to Reverse Adhesive Crystallization

Q: How can I reverse adhesive crystallization? Will the adhesive be compromised in any way?

A: Only a very small number of adhesives are susceptible to crystallization and the likelihood of this phenomenon actually occurring is slight. If you do experience crystallization, heat will reverse the process and restore the adhesive to its liquid state with no loss in performance. There is no effect on strength, viscosity, or any other adhesive property.

Tests performed at Dymax indicate that heating the original container of crystallized adhesive (in an oven or in a warm-water bath) to 100°F (adhesive temperature) will return the adhesive to its uncrystallized, liquid state. The adhesive will reach 100°F in approximately 2-to-3 hours depending on container size. For consistent dispensing, the adhesive should be allowed to return to room temperature. We would also recommend that you purge any dispensing reservoirs, lines, valves, and needles before any prolonged periods of production shutdown (i.e., weekends, shutdowns, etc.). This will help prevent adhesive crystallization.

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