New Optical Display Adhesives Maintain Optical Clarity

Non-yellowing formula provides better performance and aesthetics.

Dymax Corporation’s new family of Ultra Light-Weld® optical display and touch screen adhesives are available in varying viscosities for use in flat panel display bonding where bond strength, non-yellowing, and re-workability characteristics are important.  The two low-viscosity materials, 9701 and 9702, offer easy-flow characteristics for panel laminations while 9703, the higher viscosity product, is available for damming requirements.

These materials are easily re-workable for removal or repair by conventional methods such as wire cutting while maintaining their bond strength over time.  This can significantly increase yield and reduce display screen rejects.  These non-yellowing adhesives maintain optical clarity over time for better performance and aesthetics and exhibit low shrinkage to minimize visible distortion after cure.

Dymax optical display lamination materials offer new solutions for touch screen and display bonding and enhance the Dymax portfolio of light-cure technology solutions, which also includes products for electronic assembly and printed circuit board applications.

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