Dymax Ultra Light-Weld® 3013 Adhesive Bonds Dissimilar Materials in Seconds

Rapid curing maximizes production speed.

Dymax Corporation’s Ultra Light-Weld® 3013 is a resilient, low-viscosity, moisture-resistant adhesive designed for rapid bonding to a wide variety of plastic and metal substrates.  The product forms high-strength, environmentally resistant bonds for appliance assembly, bond joint and sealing, plastic window bonding, and plastic assembly.  Ultra Light-Weld® 3013 dispenses easily for precise quantity and placement of adhesive, and fluoresces blue under low-intensity “black” light (365 nm), allowing for in-line quality control utilizing optical scanners.  This solvent-free, worker-friendly adhesive cures in seconds upon exposure to ultraviolet and visible light – even through UV-blocked plastics – allowing for increased production speed and lower processing costs.

Ultra Light-Weld® 3013 is ideal for applications requiring the bonding of dissimilar materials, something that cannot be done with traditional welding methods and other types of adhesives.  Substrates suitable for bonding with 3013 include transparent or translucent acrylic, metal, polycarbonate, PVC alloys, ABS, polyurethane, and polystyrene. 

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