Experts in Light-Cure Technology

Dymax Corporation was originally founded in 1980 as the American Chemical and Engineering Company.

Its first products developed and sold were based on its patented two-part structural acrylic adhesive systems, primarily to the automotive market. Within several years, Dymax introduced the first practical, structural-strength UV-curable adhesive. The company now provides design engineers with the products and services they need to dramatically improve manufacturing efficiency and lower costs, selling its light-curable materials (LCMs) and equipment directly and through a worldwide network of distributors and sales partners.

With an innovative and experienced staff of R&D scientists, application engineers, sales managers, and customer support representatives, Dymax dedicates itself to providing cost-saving assembly solutions to manufacturers in today's highly competitive environment. The company employs more than 400 people worldwide and owns over 30 technology patents. Along with its corporate headquarters in Torrington, it operates additional facilities in Germany, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, and Ireland.


Where others only supply products, Dymax is committed to developing a true collaborative partnership, bringing its total process knowledge to its customer’s specific application challenges. To understand the entire process, Dymax confidently offers its customers a complete solution where chemistry and equipment work seamlessly together with maximum efficiency. Dymax combines its product offering with its expert knowledge of light-cure technology to create complete system solutions that address manufacturing assembly issues. This focus, coupled with the synergy produced by designing both the materials and equipment, uniquely positions Dymax as a technical leader in the light-curing industry.


Underscoring its leadership role of continuously developing cutting-edge products and technology for the markets it serves, Dymax recently introduced the BlueWave® MX-MIM Machine Interface Module. Designed specifically for machine automation builders, the BlueWave® MX-MIM easily incorporates into automated light-curing systems. This machine interface module uses PROFINET and EtherNet/IP network protocols which are both open networks that are backed by defined standards and extensive communities. This enables factories that already use these protocols to communicate with other machinery/ sensors/equipment in their assembly process and to also communicate with the Dymax equipment. It also allows machine builders to greatly reduce input/output (I/O) channels and free up analog control cards compared to traditional analog- and digital-relay logic programmable logic controller (PLC) control systems.

Incorporating the BlueWave® MX-MIM into automated light-curing systems allows machine builders to independently power up to four Dymax MX-Series emitters at the same time, in flood or light-bar patterns. Emitters can be synchronized together to act as one for higher throughput or to create a larger cure area. Compatible with: BlueWave® MX-150 spot lamp, BlueWave® MX-250 flood lamp and BlueWave® MX-275 light bar, this mountable unit improves installation flexibility and reduces space requirements compared to traditional enclosure-style controllers.


Dymax serves many industries utilizing light-cure technology in their process and has products suitable for a wide range of application areas. This enables the company to assist manufacturers in the design of assembly solutions comprised of chemistry, dispense systems, and curing equipment and provide the technical expertise to put them all together. Key benefits of using lightcure technology in manufacturing are rapid cure for reduced work in process and increased throughput, along with LCMs that are 100% solids and cure completely so there is no hazardous waste.

A current example of this commitment to innovation and problem solving involves medical device manufacturers who face extraordinary challenges to rapidly deliver emergency medical supplies during the current worldwide pandemic. As a result, the world is turning to non-traditional methods of manufacture to keep up with the increased supply and demand. Dymax responded to the ventilator shortage with fast-curing medical adhesives and says that its suite of solvent-free products is capable of bonding to plastic, metal, glass, and dissimilar materials and already meets the stringent requirements of the medical device industry, including IS0 10993 certification, biocompatibility, and gamma, EtO and E-Beam sterilization methods.

As a result, Dymax can develop or quickly tailor existing products to customer’s specifications, including modification of a material’s viscosity, hardness, and adhesion to specific substrates. Additionally, many Dymax chemistries can be formulated with See-Cure color change, Ultra-Red® fluorescing, or Encompass® technologies which assist manufacturers with easy visual confirmation of adhesive cure and high-speed automated inspection. A range of dispensing systems and LED and UV light-curing equipment is available to support the overall manufacturing process. Dymax states that it will strive to maintain itself as a product leader in rapid and light-cure technologies and continue to launch new and exciting products for its existing customers, as well as explore new markets that could benefit from its technologies.

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