What Adhesive Can I Use to Pot Nitinol Wire into a Noryl Device?

Q: "We are looking for a good adhesive to pot a Nitinol or Titanium wire into a hole in a Noryl device. The hole is 0.156", while the wire is 0.125". We are looking for an adhesive that can stand up to re-sterilization using various methods including autoclave and EtO sterilization, and that will also fill the gaps well. Can you recommend an adhesive?"

A: If the number of sterilization cycles is limited to a few you may be able to utilize a light-curable adhesive for your application. Dymax 1128A-M is a medical-grade adhesive that cures with UV and visible light, and exhibits good adhesion to a variety of metals. Adhesion to the Noryl will have to be tested.

If more than 10 cycles of autoclave sterilization are required, then the best choice of adhesive will be either a heat-curable or two-part epoxy. There are adhesive manufacturers that offer a range of materials that are medical grade and suitable for repeatable sterilization.

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