Advantages of LED Light-Curing Systems

LED Light-Curing Advantages

As interest in LED technology grows, it is becoming an ideal alternative for conventional broad-spectrum light-curing that has been the industry standard for several decades. LEDs offer many advantages over mercury-arc bulbs. LEDs cure cooler for better thermal management and offer very stable intensity which translates into more consistent process control. LED light-curing systems start up instantly, provide immediate light energy, and have an expected useful LED life of over 20,000 hours, which results in significantly reduced downtime and lower light replacement costs when compared to conventional lamp systems. LED curing technology offers many benefits over traditional broad-spectrum UV light curing such as lower operating costs and "green" attributes that eliminate mercury and ozone safety risks.


LED Light Curing Offers Many Benefits Over Curing with Traditional, Broad-Spectrum Mercury-Arc Bulbs


Cooler Temperatures
LED systems operate at lower temperatures than conventional broad-spectrum lamps. The cooler curing enables better thermal management, and their narrow wavelength spectrum emission minimizes thermal rise. Because some substrates are sensitive to higher temperatures, curing light-curable materials fully without damaging the substrate can require multiple passes under a broad-spectrum lamp at lower intensity levels. Those extra steps can be made unnecessary by switching to the cooler LED units.

An additional advantage of LED systems’ cooler temperatures is that they do not need the same level of heat extraction (exhaust), eliminating the expensive costs for installation and operation.

Longer Life
Another benefit of LED curing sources is that they last longer. Although LEDs also degrade in intensity output over time, a typical broad-spectrum spot-cure lamp might last about 2,000 hours before intensity output levels degrade to about 50% of initial levels. Conversely, LED curing units can often provide over 50% of their original intensity output much longer.

More Uniform Cures
LEDs provide a more uniform distribution of light across the cure area for more consistent results.

Instant On
LEDs power up instantly and do not require any warm-up time. This allows production to start immediately increasing throughput.

More Energy Efficient & Environmentally Friendly
LED systems are much more electrically efficient and more environmentally friendly than mercury-arc curing lamps. The LEDs run at lower voltages and require no warm-up period, cutting electrical costs. They are also not listed as an electrical hazard the way that conventional mercury-arc lamps are.

Dymax LED light-curing systems, because of their unique design, achieve uniform frequency and intensity output for consistent cures that facilitate better process control and increased manufacturing throughput. Additional benefits include:

  • Compact equipment that reduces size and cost of the light-curing system
  • Flexible light-delivery configuration
  • Very stable lamp intensity for consistent process control
  • Long service life eliminates bulb replacement and reduces maintenance costs compared to conventional curing systems
  • High electrical efficiency and instant on/off capability lowers operational costs and increases speed of automated assembly


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