Dymax Partners with Ingenieria en Sistemas de Adhesivos (ISASA) to Expand Reach in Mexico

Dymax Partners with Ingenieria en Sistemas de Adhesivos (ISASA) to Expand Reach in Mexico

Torrington, Connecticut - June 10, 2024... Dymax, a leading manufacturer of rapid and light curing materials and equipment, proudly welcomes its newest distribution partner, Ingenieria en Sistemas de Adhesivos (ISASA), marking another significant stride in its expanding network of sales partnerships. 

Based in Mexico City, Ingenieria en Sistemas de Adhesivos (ISASA) will promote and support Dymax’s cutting-edge, light-curable solutions to the General Industrial markets.

As part of a highly specialized team of professionals with extensive experience in marketing and business development, ISASA will showcase Dymax to key customers. They will foster collaborative relationships between companies, deliver expert technical guidance, and facilitate cost-effective manufacturing process design.

This dynamic partnership will bring Dymax together with customers, offering them a single source for automated dispensing, coating, curing, and materials solutions. "Our relationship with Ingenieria en Sistemas de Adhesivos will expand our reach to critical OEM manufacturers in the General Industrial markets that may not be aware of Dymax's 40 years of experience developing innovative light-curing technologies," commented Brent Newblom, Channel Partner Manager for Dymax Americas.

Jose Alfredo Guitierrez, President of Ingenieria en Sistemas de Adhesivos, stated, "We are excited that Dymax has chosen to work with us to expand their business into important Industrial markets in Mexico. Along with our sales expertise and their extensive knowledge of light-curing technology, we can help manufacturers improve their processes, expand their capabilities, enhance communications, and increase their bottom line."

Backed by significant technical expertise, the ISASA sales and engineering teams will support onsite implementation and leverage Dymax's extensive knowledge of the light-curing industry, offering customers a complete manufacturing solution. Together, this alliance builds upon the Dymax mission to make its customers more capable and efficient.

About Dymax

Dymax develops innovative rapid and light-curable materials, dispense equipment, and UV/LED light-curing systems. The company's adhesives, coatings, and equipment are perfectly matched to work seamlessly with each other, providing design engineers with tools to dramatically improve manufacturing efficiencies. Major markets include aerospace and defense; medical device; and consumer and automotive electronics.

For additional information on Dymax, visit www.dymax.com or call us at 860-482-1010.

About Ingenieria en Sistemas de Adhesivos (ISASA)

Ingenieria en Sistemas de Adhesivos (ISASA) is a leading distributor focused on industrial adhesives design, engineering, and inventory support for their customers. Their dedicated team of technical engineering and business development representatives act as a conduit between companies and key customers, providing profitable growth and strong synergistic relationships across diverse markets.

For more information about Ingenieria en Sistemas de Adhesivos (ISASA), please visit their website at https://www.adhesivosisasa.com.mx or email them at alfredo.gutierrez@adhesivosisasa.com.mx

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